Cazfest - Raising awareness of heart risk in young people
Cazfest advert by year 9 pupils - Bishop's Stortford High School

The Cazfest Curriculum

The Cazfest curriculum is a series of lessons and/or assembly resources which use Cazfest as a case study for the exploration of issues related to Citizenship, PSHE and Religious Studies. Through these lessons, students develop a knowledge, understanding and evaluation of social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues.

Learning Resources

Below you will find four lessons of engaging activity-based learning resources for you to use whether you are a student, a teacher or even just an interested reader.

Under the heading for each lesson you will find a power point presentation and work sheet which explores an aspect of the charity or festival. Please feel free to adapt these to suit your requirements whilst keeping the message of Cazfest in mind.

Lesson 1: Good and Inspiring Citizenship: The Cazfest Story

Power Point Presentation


Lesson 2: Charity Begins At Home: The Cazfest Charity

Power Point Presentation


Lesson 3: Building Bishop's Stortford's Big Weekend: The Cazfest Makers

Lesson 4: Inspire A Generation - Be Part Of The Story : The Cazfest School